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Datbit News

Smart Contract Updated:

Be a creative and find a way to update a Smart Contract without risks. We simply extract all the information from the old contract and insert it into a new version. We swap/deploy exact amount of DBT tokens from Contract token address to old pre-sale contract address holders. From now the tokens in pre-sale contract addreses had no value to trade.
Pre-Sale Token Address[ICO]: 0x0301256716f6A18666db5A6009C2BFf7c98fDde9
Contract Token Address: 0xC28D4341Ad8224E1a424558074eF0B4515f424d5

Datbit ERC 20 Token can be purchased securely through the Hydro Protocol Widget run by DDEX decentralised exchange. Unlock your Metamask account or your Ledger Nano S either direct or by accessing it through MyEtherWallet and buy DBT. All DBT Tokens are kept in your wallet, and not externally.Once purchased you can instantly trade DBT in Listed Exchanges.